(2,3,4) Power Structure 2019
Documents from the Private archive of Sveinung and Sigrid Berge, objects from their house, blind exposure, steel fragment from the ruins of Svelgfoss 1 power station, concrete construction residue from Tussa power station (July 1980), steel rods, nuts, prosess material.
420 x 170 x 40 cm

(5,6,7) Power Structure [fallhøgde] 2019
Digital C-prints, Tunnell direction instruments.
500x300x50 cm

(9,10) Power Structure [the world records only itself] 2019
Sculptural probe consisting of material from the private archive of the Berge family, steel clamp and nylon strap. Deployed during spring flooding beneath Svelgfoss dam, Notodden. (April 14th - May 10th, 2019)
60 x 90 x 40 cm

(9,11) Unstable Monument (7) 2019
Dried clay from dam area of Tussa power station, dust drilled from rocks and conrete fragments of Svelgfoss 1 power station ruins, pulverised salt crystal collected from Tussa Power station (Nov. 2016), saw dust from sculpture production in studio.
220 x 420 cm

(12) Power Structure [pool] 2019
Concrete fragment from the remains of Svelgfoss 1 power station, valcromat,stainless steel.
125 x 60 x 60 cm

(13,14) Power Structure [rewritten circuit] 2019
Circuit board fragment from ruin of Svelgfoss 1 power station, cast concrete, wooden pallet
50 x 40 x 50 cm

(15) Untitled 2015
Framed digital C-prints
60 x 75 cm

Exhibited at Skien Kunstforening 2019