(1) Concrete construction residue of Tussa dam, Bjørke, Sunnmøre (June 1980), b/w print on tracing paper, colour print on matte paper, clamp, steel.


(2) Sketch material from artist book by Arild Våge Berge, documents from the private archive of Sveinung Oddvar Berge, concrete construction residue of Tussa dam, slate rock from Tussa dam site, clamp

Dried clay from Tussa dam site, dust drilled out of rocks and concrete construction residue, pulverized salt crystal collected in Tussa power station tunnel (Nov. 2016)


(3) Steel rod drilled through wall, nuts, crystal collected from Tussa power station tunnel, inkjet print on paper, gneiss rock.


Exhibited at MFA show triage at Bergen Kunsthall April 2017 and Høstutstillingen Kunstnernes Hus Sept. 2018